Over the past few months numerous people have requested I dye their hair Grey.... My initial responses were generally to suggest they wait a few years and let it happen naturally... This wasn't met with too much enthusiasm! Cool, Ashy Blondes have been the look of choice for many over the last few years and it now seems ladies and gents are wanting to take it a step further and irradicate any hint of blonde, gold and warm tones whatsoever.. For years women have been battling against the natural progression of grey and silver hairs popping through their locks and this isn't just a modern tradition - it's been going on since ancient Egyptian times. So why the sudden turnaround? Why do youn

First 2 Weeks....

So, it's Sunday night.... feeling rather full after a delicious Roast Beef dinner cooked by Dad, enjoying a glass of wine before a good nights sleep in preparation for a day at LAFHAB tomorrow :-) Decided after some advice and input from very clever sister in law - Kerri, that I would attempt some 'blogging' Will see how it turns out!!?? Anyway, to the matter in hand.... I've completed my first 2 weeks now at Unique Hair Studio :-) Wooohooo... I have loved every minute of it! We're Now open 5 full days per week, which at the moment is giving me some free time in the afternoons to get things how I want them... Broadband has gone live so am busy trying to get us on the world wide wonderweb s