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Making your visit Covid Secure

UPDATE: 5th April 2021

Following new government guidance we will be open from Monday 12th April.

Our booking system has now reopened to make your appointments. 

Lots of work has been carried out to ensure your visit is as safe as possible for yourself and your stylist.  If you are uncertain about any of the guidance in place, please speak to us prior to your appointment.  A copy of the Covid-19 Risk Assessment can be found HERE.  Should you have any concerns about this or wish to comment on it please do let us know.  If you wish to review the government advice for reopening of Hair Salons prior to your visit, you can do so HERE.

In order for us to meet our safe working guidelines, you are asked to pay attention to the following:

  • Unique Hair Studio will be operating an ‘appointment only’ system.  You can only enter the salon if you have an appointment.

  • To book an appointment  call 01943 607513 or click HERE.  Please note that our ability to answer the telephone at times may be restricted, however you can leave a message.

  • Arrive for your appointment no earlier than 5 minutes and please do not be late.  Late arrivals will be asked to reschedule.

  • On arrival, please check the entrance is clear before entering.  Hand sanitising facilities are placed at the entrance for your use.  Clean gowns will be provided in individual bags which must be placed in the ‘USED GOWNS’ bin once your service is complete.

  • Please observe 2 meter social distancing between other clients and stylists other than your own.  Stylists will be wearing a visor.

  • Please bring minimal personal belongings.  There are no cloak room facilities at the moment so outdoor wear should be left at home or in your car.  Where it is absolutely necessary to bring outdoor clothing this must be left where instructed.

  • You are required to attend your appointment alone, unless you need to be accompanied by someone caring for your needs.  An accompanying carer must follow social distancing rules whilst in the salon.

  • You should wear a face covering unless you are exempt, however you may be required to temporarily unhook any ear fastenings at times during your service, which may involve touching your face covering.

  • Tissues will be provided on all workstations in case you need to cough/sneeze.  If you need to cough/sneeze, please do so into a clean tissue and dispose of in the small pedal bin provided.

  • Food and drinks should not be consumed whilst in the salon, other than bottled water.

  • Salon magazines are temporarily be unavailable, but you are welcome to bring your own.

  • We will carry out pre-screening via email, telephone or on arrival to check you’re Covid-19 symptom free.  An example of the pre-screening questions can be found HERE.  If you, or any of your household develop symptoms of Covid-19, please reschedule your appointment.

  • Toilet/Handwash facilities are available.  Please clean surfaces touched  in this area using cleaning spray provided or notify a member of staff if you feel unable to do so.  A member of staff must check this area is clear before using.

There may be other things you are required to do during your visit.  Your stylist will tell you how to keep safe whilst here.

Stylists will have designated ‘lone working’ days for clients that feel vulnerable and do not wish to attend an appointment on busier days.  Please note, the maximum number of clients permitted in the salon at any one time is limited to 5 (this includes attending carers).

Should you have any other concerns over your safety and well being, please do speak to us.


During ‘Lockdown’ , I have carried out a thorough cost and pricing exercise following completion of an online pricing mindset and cost calculation course.  It became apparent after completing this exercise, that a lot of services offered were priced just right to ensure the profitability and success of the salon which is even more important at this time.  However, most colour services were priced at a level which deemed them ‘non-profitable’ and in many cases were offered at a loss.  Rather than discontinue these costly services, I have re-priced them at a level which ensures the salon stays profitable and can continue to operate.  If you have any concerns or questions regarding the new pricing structure please do let me know in advance of your appointment.  The Calculations also showed that there should be a £6.50 additional charge to allow for a 15 minute cleaning window in between every appointment and also to allow for the fact that we can only deal with 1 client at a time.  I decided, that this cost would NOT be added to a service, in the hope that measures can soon be relaxed.  Please note that although prices are generally aligned, Rachel prices her own services to account for her own costs and business operation.


Many thanks for reading, and we look forward to welcoming you back!


Lee and the Unique Team

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