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The Salon is empty! Coronavirus, Quarantine & home hair-care

In these difficult times, it’s easy to fall out of your regular hair care routine. Whether it’s missing your trip to the salon for a cut or coping with longer than usual colour re-growth.

Never fear! We’re still here and can’t wait to get back to work. It’s going to be great catching up with you all and seeing what’s been happening to your heads of hair! I’m sure the scissors have been out here and there.

I’ve been asked advice a few times about home hair colouring... My advice is DON’T. It will be much easier for your regular hairdresser to catch up with some extra re-growth when you can get back to them than it will be to correct colours that don’t quite match or have gone a bit wrong. Once you use a permanent hair colour that’s it, you’ve changed your hair permanently. Only harsh chemicals will be able to lift out home hair colour and that’s assuming there are no compatibility issues with certain ingredients.

There are plenty of temporary, wash-out hair touch up options out there which can see you through and blend out any re-growth ‘stripes’ until you can get back to the salon. L’Oreal make a great range of Root Touch-up sprays that can be bought from the online shop. They won’t be an exact match, but they’re great for blending out that re-growth line down partings.

Spending time at home may also be a great time to try something new and experiment with styling and products. Just make sure you use that heat protector that’s been sitting in your cupboard, unused, for any kind of heat styling.

Another great opportunity at this time is to treat your hair to any of the multitudes of professional quality hair care treatments available. Pop them onto towel dried hair and leave them all day if you like! Joico have an amazing range of treatment balms and conditioners that will leave your hair looking and feeling amazing

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