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First 2 Weeks....

So, it's Sunday night.... feeling rather full after a delicious Roast Beef dinner cooked by Dad, enjoying a glass of wine before a good nights sleep in preparation for a day at LAFHAB tomorrow :-)

Decided after some advice and input from very clever sister in law - Kerri, that I would attempt some 'blogging'

Will see how it turns out!!??

Anyway, to the matter in hand.... I've completed my first 2 weeks now at Unique Hair Studio :-) Wooohooo...

I have loved every minute of it!

We're Now open 5 full days per week, which at the moment is giving me some free time in the afternoons to get things how I want them...

Broadband has gone live so am busy trying to get us on the world wide wonderweb so people can find us and get an idea about who we are and what we do. Have set up my first website! I think it looks pretty reasonable too, if you have any feedback for me please let me know!

Will be looking at adding some relevant useful information for you all to look at in the near future so if you have any requests whatsoever just let me know and I'll try and add something to help. Tutorials to product info/advice anything you want I'll try and get some info posted.

Have met some really great people the last 2 weeks. Have a great team at Unique to work with and am looking forward to getting to them all over the coming months.

So, in case you don't know me , a bit about me:

I'm Lee, Hairdresser and Salon owner. Completed my hair dressing training at LAFHAB and worked there as styilist and trainee assessor since then. Best thing I ever did! I'll still be going to Leeds on a Monday to finish my assessor training as this is one of my passions. I LOVE Colouring hair! I LOVE learning new techniques. Creating natural and not so natural looking, multi tonal amazing hair colour results is one of my favourite things abour hairdressing. I love all aspects of hairdressing and find myself emersed in Youtube videos for hours on end. You want it, I'll try and get it for you! I just love a challenge and achieveing something different from the norm :-) Ombre hair and all forms of it are one of my favourite looks to achieve. Will probably be posting quite a few pics of this kind of stuff on the Facebook page :-)

I also love creating natural looking multi-tonal highlights, not so keen on the stripey look but....

I also enjoying cutting men's hair. I love the variety of different looks that can be created with clippers and fading hair. I seem to also be perming a lot of young mens hair lately..... Not sure they all know what they're letting themselves in for when they ask for one though ;-)

Anyway, not too sure what else I should be putting on here but if you've any suggestions just click the contact us page on the website and send a message :-) Will answer all questions! (probably)

Hope to see you at Unique Hair Studio soon!



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