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Home Hair Care Part 2......


The world is awash with a mass of hair products designed to help keep your in just the condition and style you like it. From shampoos, conditioners, treatments, styling waxes, creams and lotions, to sprays, primers, volumisers and polishes (and the rest...) So... Which ones should you be using?? Selecting the right products for yourself can be difficult, and when products come with a price tag, trial and error isn't always a good option as you end up with cupboards full of tried and tested lotions and a lighter purse.

Every hair (and scalp) type needs the right products to get the most out of your hair. Starting with the basics...

Shampoo: To stay healthy and bright, all hair needs to be clean. Shampoo is a cleansing agent that will clean your hair and just as importantly your scalp and remove dirt, grease and other products. When choosing a shampoo for you it's as important to focus on your scalp condition as it is your hair. If you have an oily greasy scalp, a shampoo which is moisturising and rich can add oils and make the problem worse - however your hair may need some additional moisture and oils if it is dry, curly or coloured...... Try and stick to a shampoo which is clarifying to remove additional oils on your scalp. Shampoo to volumise or balancing shampoos will also contain less oil and assist in de-greasing the scalp. Moisture and oils can be re-added to the lengths of your hair with the right conditioner - avoid using conditioner on new hair growth and on your scalp as this can cause oiliness.

The majority of the daily cleansing shampoos found on the supermarket shelves are perfectly adequate for daily washing of normal hair - they will do the job and keep healthy hair clean. Most heads of hair however require some additional care and attention particularly if your hair is long, coloured, dry, curly or if you have had colour or perm services. Advis from your stylist on what kind of shampoo and conditioner to use will keep your hair in tip top condition.

HEAT PROTECTORS! : I regularly ask clients whether they use heat protectors (in any form), the usual response is: "I have some, but mostly forget to use it" DOH!! If you regularly blow dry, straighten, curl or use any heat on your hair, PLEASE use some kind of heat protection. They come in many froms and most decent styling products will have them built in. They will protect your hair from drying out and prevent some of the damage caused by heated styling tools. There are a great multitude on the market and if you are unsure of the most suitable one for you, ask your stylist... They don't even have to be expensive! I found a perfectly decent one in a pound shop! Ask me and I'll tell you which it is ;-)

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