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Faded Flat Colours....

Full head colour can often quickly fade, particularly when you love bright or vibrant shades of red! Shop bought home use colours may seem like a quick fix to top up those tones when you're feeling they're looking a bit dull and flat but beware - re-colouring previously coloured hair with home use kits can cause further damage to your hair and have the effect of decreasing the amount of time these colours will stay in your hair.

When you feel like a change your options may seem limited or you may not feel daring enough for something completely different. Adding some well placed highlights and a touch of something different can make a huge impact with just some subtle tweaks.

Reds quite often are the quickest colours to lose their brilliant vibrancy and shine and can quickly look ready for refreshing.

There are some great new professional colour ranges on the market which are designed and built to last and with good home care can see you through to your next appointment without losing any of their initial wow factor.

If you do fancy something a little different without shying away from those vibrant red tones, adding highlights and a copper tone to that red can bring it back to life and re-growth will be much more natural looking without that heavy re-growth line typical of many full head colours.

Warm coppery highlights will fit right in to the up and coming Summer season and brighten up any flat faded look. Ensuring you use a decent shampoo for coloured hair, creamy conditioner and the all important heat protector products will keep your colour in tip top condition between hair appointments.

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